Welcome to The Summoned Goods!

We are a company focused on the gaming community as a whole, with a strong emphasis in Dungeons & Dragons. The company logo, referred to as the “Summoning Crystal” plays a huge role in each of our designs and has its own lore in the world of tabletop RPG’s.

The Summoned Goods was a shop that I designed in D&D for my first ever homebrew campaign as Dungeon Master. It would mysteriously appear in every village, town, or city my players traveled to and the shopkeeper was a very mysterious wizard. As they progressed, the items the shopkeeper kept in stock became very unique and powerful. They soon discovered the secrets behind his astounding creations were connected to a crystal that allows a powerful arcanist to summon any item their mind could conjure. The Summoned Goods was known across the realm for its incredible, unique craftsmanship.

This lore inspired my creativity and I decided to make the shop the real deal. You will see the Shopkeeper and the Summoning Crystal in a lot of our designs that cater to the theme of Dungeons & Dragons, with unique and awe-inspiring designs.

At The Summoned Goods. we strive to maintain high standards and bring the Dungeons & Dragons community a one-of-a-kind experience with our digital 5e content, artwork, apparel, and much more!
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